Touring Kelowna by Bike or Foot

Written for Kelowna Guide Magazine by Dave Dmytryshyn

Touring Kelowna and West Kelowna by Bike or by foot.

Cycling is a great way to get around the city, surrounding countryside and the mountain trails.  It is the most efficient mode of transportation ever developed.  If you prefer, the routes detailed below are perfectly suited for touring by foot.  Get some exercise, feel healthier and experience the beautiful Okanagan in a new way.  You can rent a bike in the city close to the city of Kelowna’s many bicycle routes, rent on location in places like the Myra Canyon Trestles up in the mountains south of the city, or rent in the city and get a shuttle up to the trestles.

Bicycle routes in the extend all the way from the Airport on the North end to orchards and wineries in the south.  In West Kelowna the Gellatly Bay waterfront area is a great place to bike or walk on a level path along the lake.  Pick up a “Kelowna Visitors Map” from the guest service staff in the hotel, it has bicycle routes shown as red dotted lines alongside the roads.  It  also shows some routes that pass through a few of the cities many waterfront parks.   Get a Kelowna Visitors Map from the hotel front desk now and start planning your route; I have some suggestions as follows:

Gellatly Bay in West Kelowna

Biking the Kelowna’s Waterfront.  Renting a bike, start your trip from South Pandosy or the downtown Lakefront Promenade.    Rent it downtown from Lakefront Sports Center, located right on the Lakefront Promenade by the Grand Hotel.    The whole downtown lakefront is a bicycle friendly zone which connects up to Abbott Street, a popular biking path through the residential neighborhood along the lake.   The Lakefront Promenade bike path goes right through City Park along the beach, passing under the bridge to access Abbott Street. Keep an eye out for little beach access parks along Abbott, usually located at the point where a road ends at the lake, a great place for a picnic along the way.

Waterfront Promenade in Downtown Kelowna extends from the bridge to the Rotary Marsh

More ways to explore the city by biking or walking.  Just south of the South Pandosy area is Lakeshore Road.  Follow it for one km till you get to a small bridge over Mission Creek.  There you will find the entrance to the Mission Creek Greenway.   It is a level gravel path meandering along Mission Creek, a great place to be on a hot day.  After 5.8 km you reach the EECO Center  on Springfield Rd located at Mission Creek Regional park.  From there you can take Springfield Road back to Pandosy Street, passing Orchard Park Mall, or continue for several more kilometers up the Greenway into East Kelowna.

Entrances to the Greenway can be found at many locations along the creek.

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park is located at the end of Stewart Road in the upper Mission area of Kelowna (right beside Crawford Estates). At the top four-way stop drive straight trough (now on Stewart Road) to the end/park entrance and park in the upper parking area. Myra-Bellevue is a treasure trove of trails with riding suitable for all levels or disciplines. This is by far the most extensive network in the area. There are endless combinations of cross country/all mountain loops as well as technical all natural downhill’s (Vapour Trial to Connector to Heckle or Rocky Screech is a favorite that can be shuttled via June Springs Road), get your map from Tourism Kelowna located on HWY 97.

Knox Mountain Park is located just North of downtown Kelowna.  If you start from the Lakefront Promenade to the Rotary Marshes you can connect with the city bike route North to the foot of Knox Mountain.  See the article on page 38 for more details.  The road that winds up the mountain plays host to the Knox Mountain Hill Climb, an annual event.  Take your camera, because you will get spectacular views of the city.  Once near the top of the mountain you can connect to Clifton Ave via Rio Drive and take a route down through Glenmore and explore the Northern part of the City.

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