Mission Creek Greenway

Written for Kelowna Guide Magazine by Aura Rose

Mission Creek Greenway

Locals and visitors alike appreciate one of the Okanagan’s most accessible wilderness paths as it winds along Mission Creek, starting at Lakeshore Road (between Cook Road and Lexington) and extending all the way to just below Gallaghers Canyon in East Kelowna. The Greenway protects 400 acres of park and provides an important link to the wilderness areas above the city. The first 7.5 km are flat and wide, popular with cyclists, dog walkers, runners and equestrian riders.

Level trail for walking, running or biking along the Mission Creek

The remaining 9.5 kms of the trail are challenging and rise above the canyon at two different locations. The reward of exploring the most eastern portion of the trail is a spectacular view filled with cedar groves, an eagle’s view of the winding creek and some of the most remarkable geology in the valley.

There are several locations from which you can access the Greenway. At the Springfield Road entrance to the park, you will find the EECO CENTRE (ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION FOR THE CENTRAL OKANAGAN). https://www.missioncreekfriends.ca/en/index.html

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