Kelowna’s Waterfront

Downtown Kelowna is a unique recreational corridor that offers a wide variety of year-round activities for both locals and visitors to enjoy. From the Rotary Marshes to Strathcona Park, there is something for everyone.

One of the highlights of the district is City Park, located in the heart of downtown. The park’s entrance is beside the large ‘Sails’ sculpture at the west end of Bernard Avenue. City Park offers a wide range of amenities including a large beach, beach volleyball courts, water park, skate park, large playground area, and a food concession. The park is also host to many entertaining events throughout the year, including the Kelowna Regatta and Mardi Gras Festival.

Right next to the ‘Sails’ sculpture is Kerry Park, a small park in the heart of downtown. The park features a stage that is used for a variety of free music and entertainment performances throughout the summer. An interlocking brick boardwalk extends north along the waterfront from City Park, past the Yacht Club and The Grand Hotel, to the pristine Waterfront Park. With the Island Stage, a small beach, concession, and acres of perfect grass, it is one of the truly great parks in the city.

One of the most unique features of downtown Kelowna is the ability to seamlessly transition from one park to the next. Whether you’re looking for a place to play with your family, enjoy a concert, or simply relax by the water, downtown Kelowna has it all.

Event happening in City Park

A bit further north on the boardwalk is the wetland area called Rotary Marsh, home to various species of wildlife. The walk is approximately 3km in length and is a pleasure to walk, roller blade or bike. South of City Park along Abbott Street is a wide biking and roller blading path, through a variety of neighbourhood areas. The path extends to shady Strathcona Park, a great spot for a refreshing swim in the lake, an afternoon picnic or kicking the soccer ball around.

Rotary Marsh has birds, fish and wildlife you would not expect in the city center.

With dozens of beachfront access parks, there’s a beach for everyone – some with grassy areas, volleyball courts, splash parks, playgrounds, concessions and picnic areas. Popular downtown beaches are Hot Sands and Tugboat Bay, or bike, stroll or drive to visit others on Lakeshore Drive.
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Take A Drive – Take A Ride
If you don’t have time for 18 holes, play a short course and leave plenty of time to pack in other activities like a night on the town, shopping, and wine tasting. Since our first wines were produced in the early 1900s the industry has blossomed into more than 35 wineries in Kelowna alone. Premium wines are offered during the festivals and on self-guided and guided tours throughout the year. See the “Self Guided and Guided Tours” article

Kelowna’s Distinctive Wine Palette

Discover the distinctive wine offerings that define Kelowna’s vibrant viticulture. Renowned for its diverse selection, Kelowna stands out for producing exceptional wines, particularly Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, and Chardonnay. Immerse yourself in the local wineries, where each sip tells a story of the region’s rich grape varieties. Learn more