Wildlife museum is an outstanding collection of new modern taxidermy wildlife displays

The Canadian Wildlife Museum in Vernon, BC is a must-see destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. This outstanding collection of new modern taxidermy wildlife displays features more than 350 mounted birds and animals of over 115 different species of Canadian wildlife. Visitors can marvel at the many action-filled displays, which showcase the beauty and diversity of Canada’s wildlife.

In addition to the impressive collection of mounted animals, the museum also has a large butterfly and moth collection, which adds to the overall experience of the visit. After exploring the museum, visitors can also stop by the gift shop, which is full of all kinds of Canadian wildlife and nature-related gifts, souvenirs, and more.

The Canadian Wildlife Museum is a great place for a 45-minute to 1.5-hour stop, whether you’re on a road trip, a school field trip, or just looking for something fun to do in the area. With ample room for bus parking, it’s easy to plan a visit with a group.

The museum is open year-round and the telephone number is 250-545-4614. You can also check their website for more information. The museum is located at 7774 Pleasant Valley Rd, Vernon, BC, so mark it on your map and plan your visit today!

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