The existence of the Ogopogo date back to 1872

In 1914, the Nicola Valley and Westbank First Nations tribes made a remarkable discovery in Okanagan Lake – an unidentified creature of considerable size. Measuring approximately 1.5 to 2 meters (5-6 feet) long with a weight estimated at 181 Kg (400 pounds), it was blue-grey in color featuring both a tail and flippers but its neck appeared to have been torn off due to decomposition damage sustained while underwater.

Ogopogo statue next to city park

The ancient tribes were convinced there was a mythical creature living in the lake, and when they spotted what appeared to be an infant version of it, their belief seemed confirmed. Even today this unsolved mystery continues to baffle onlookers as no one knows how such a young specimen could’ve made its way into the deep waters.

Okanagan Lake, located in the stunning province of British Columbia, boasts an interesting past and a vibrant culture. The lake is renowned for its many tales–among which includes Ogopogo; a mythical creature said to take residence within it since as early as the late 1800s! This legendary serpent-like being has been both sighted by locals and visitors alike throughout history with numerous accounts still existing today.

This new discovery has ignited a flurry of speculation about the Ogopogo. Is it an undiscovered species related to ancient sea serpents, or have lake creatures adapted over time? Whatever lies beneath its depths remains veiled in mystery and intrigue.

The Ogopogo has become a much-discussed topic, both among locals and visitors. Descriptions of the elusive beast vary from accounts that claim it is like “a long snake with a hump on its back” to otherworldly views of an incredible creature living in Lake Okanagan. Despite the lack of definitive evidence, this legendary figure continues to excite imaginations around the world even today.

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