Simplex Sports Zone

Welcome to an awesome experience like no other! Immerse yourself in our intensely realistic full screen simulator bays using real sports equipment and play indoors 365 days a year. Precision high speed flight cameras track every move and display your stats directly on the screen. Play a round of golf on any of the 84 perfectly rendered courses from around the world. A quick touch of the screen and you can play hockey, baseball, lacrosse, soccer and more.

Many indoor games including golf and fishing

Book our premium curved screen and enjoy big game hunting, target practice, and any of our other 13 sports. Bring the kids and play carnival games or zombie dodgeball on the big screen. The best entertainment value for your dollar! Simplex Sportszone – 200 2600 Enterprise Way.

What is the optimal time of day for wine tasting tours?

For wine enthusiasts, afternoon tours lasting four hours or more, starting after lunch, provide an opportunity to visit four wineries. Learn more about the best time for indulging in wine tastings here.