Why take a guided wine tour

Take a Wine Tour

By Deb Harris, Uncorked Okanagan

You’ve heard all the stories about frustrated wine lovers driving around looking for wineries only to end up with a less than stellar experience. Maybe they weren’t selecting wineries that matched their personal preferences, or arrived at a time when the tasting room was crowded, getting impatient while waiting for a chance to taste. Why spend a lot of needless time and energy, settling for random purchases or rushed buying decisions. Make the leap and join a wine tour with a professional wine tour guide.

Here’s a real life story: Two ladies came to the Okanagan last year for a convention. Given a few hours they embarked on their own wine tasting mission. After getting lost (thank you GPS) they hardly visited any wineries and swore they would take a tour next time.  Well true to their word, this year they toured with a reputable and fun loving tour company and have never stopped raving about the good time, the people they met, the wines they tasted and the purchases they made.

If this sounds vaguely familiar, then get on board with a local tour company and driver/guide who knows the wineries, makes pre-arranged tasting times, includes all the tasting fees, even arranges for a barrel room tour included in the price! Tap into this local knowledge; let the pros do the legwork. Professional tour guides look after all the time-consuming details assuring your experience is seamless. They work directly with the wineries, so you don’t waste precious time upon arrival. They know the special hidden gems, the new, the historic and the ‘tried and true’ wineries to visit; they also know the most efficient way to get there. A good tour guide will match the wineries they choose with your preferences. If it’s a private tasting or unique experiences you are after, look for a tour company that offers custom tours. Make the most of your time. Go home happy with all the right wines, and bragging rights of a most excellent Okanagan Tour Adventure

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