Kelowna Boat Rentals

Kelowna Boat Rentals offers a mobile delivery service that makes renting a boat quick and easy. We simply meet your group at a boat launch, complete a rental agreement, make sure you are completely confident in operating, and send you off to enjoy the lake!

Kelowna Boat Rentals is a great way for families and groups to enjoy Lake Okanagan in the Summer. Our fleet of boats for rent offer many different experiences for you to enjoy the Okanagan. Whether it be a scenic tour along the shoreline, a quiet afternoon alone, or exciting moments taking place on a tube, wakeboard, or waterski, Kelowna Boat Rentals offers a boating experience to remember.

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Kelowna Boat Rental

Tipping Your Wine Tour Driver or Guide: Etiquette and Considerations

For your wine tour driver or guide, a recommended tipping range is generally between $5 and $20 per couple. The exact amount can vary based on factors such as the length of the tour and the level of service provided. If you’d like more insights into tipping for wine tour drivers, you can find detailed information here.