Gray Monk Winery

Gray Monk Estate Winery

Gray Monk Estate Winery provides an unforgettable Okanagan experience, set along a mountainside with breathtaking views of the lake, mountains and valley vineyards. From its bustling wine boutique to its full-service banquet facility or world-class restaurant, guests can savor both the award–winning wines as well as all that this area has to offer for any special occasion.

From the original holdings of 20 acres planted in 1972, the Heiss family now owns and farms 100 acres strategically planted throughout the Okanagan Valley. Intuitively, they purchased land in the deep South Okanagan near Oliver and Osoyoos for the red wines in their portfolio. The various locations of their vineyards provide an opportunity for the terroir to express itself in the wine therefore building complexity and originality in all the wines.

The winery’s name, Gray Monk was chosen because colloquial names in Austria and in Hungary for Pinot Gris mean gray monk. One of their key accomplishments was the introduction of high quality vines into Canada. In 1972, George Heiss obtained 2000 vines of Pinot Auxerrois, 10 vines of Gewurztraminer and of great importance, 50 vines of Pinot Gris from a nursery in Colmar, Alsace, France. Today, Pinot Gris is reputed to be the white signature grape; not only for Gray Monk Estate Winery but for the Okanagan Valley. The grape thrives in this sun drenched valley, consistently delivering a terroir driven, fruit forward, benchmark wine.

The Heiss family was British Columbia’s oldest family owned and operated winery. The founders, George and Trudy, invite guests to join them this year as they celebrate three monumental Milestones: 30 years of winemaking, 40 years of grape growing and 50 years of marriage. From their cherished vineyard near the 50th parallel – a trail blazing family winery has led the way, shaping the “BC Wine World” enjoyed today.

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